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E-mail accounts are of two types: regular and alias.

Regular E-mail Accounts

A regular e-mail account requires a user name and password. For example, in the address, the user name is johndoe.

A regular e-mail account can be accessed using the e-mail program that is already built into your browser (e.g., Netscape or Internet Explorer).

Alias E-mail Accounts

An alias e-mail account automatically forwards to your regular e-mail address. The advantage of this type of account is that you don't need to log in separately and remember a password. Instead, simply log into your regular account, and any e-mail sent to your address will be automatically forwarded to your regular e-mail address. For example, suppose your regular address is If your alias address is, any e-mails sent to will be automatically forwarded to The disadvantage of an alias address, however, is that any time you respond to an e-mail, it will come from your regular address.

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Signing up for an e-mail address is easy! Simply submit the following:

1. Your regular e-mail address.

2. Your desired address (for example, Please make your user name 3-8 characters in length.

3. Whether you want the address to be an alias or a regular account.

4. If you want a regular account, your desired password (6-8 characters in length).

5. Click here when you are ready to submit your information. Within 24 hours, you will notified by e-mail that your new account has been set up. (You may also click here to modify your account information - for example, to change your user name, password, or to change to/from a regular or alias account.)

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