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Having served on active duty for 5 years and as a reservist for 3 years, it's refreshing to see a sight like this. I salute my fellow soldiers of all denominations, and especially to my fellow Jewish soldiers!

Mitchell Schwartzman

HHD 7/101 Aviation Bn
101st Airborne Division

A/Co 307th Signal Bn
1st Signal Bde, Korea

HHD 224th Support Bn
3rd Infantry Div, Ft. Stewart Ga.


I was happy to find your site as well as the ones for the Navy and the Marines. A site I visited recently is dedicated to the home photos done by a Jewish GI combat photographer in the 3rd Div. during WW2. It is not a distinctly Jewish site, but does have a picture and a comment about a passover service and some comments/photos:


Re: William Sager's piece on burials, on

Why was General Maurice Rose, the son and grandson of a rabbi, buried at Arlington with a cross on his grave?

Actually, General Rose was buried outside of Ittenbach, Germany, in 1945. Are you certain that there is a cross on his grave? If so, please e-mail us a photo, and we will "get to the bottom of it!" Below is a picture taken at General Rose's funeral. In the photo, the chaplain is reading the last rites before the burial.,,


As a Captain in the US Army (and CA National Guard), I am proud to see this sight dedicated to military servicemen who have served in one capaicty or another. I like that you are offering a chance for such men and women to be
recognized for their contributions and always appreciate when someone is honored for a job well done.

Take care and much future success,

David J. Wollman
CPT, US Army, Aviation

About 15 years ago, I was browsing through a used book store and purchased a book depicting an American Jewish Naval
officer hero of the War of 1812 whose name now escapes me. He was of the same stature as Oliver Hazard Perry. In any event, I was so moved by the story of this fine American, that I gave the book to the son a friend for a Bar Mitzvah present as the hero in the book certainly led a life worthy of emulation for his Jewish ideals.

During my own brief military career, my Jewish roomate at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, Cpt. Peter Sheridan told me that his great grandfather was none other than Gen. Phillip Sheridan of Civil War fame.

John E. Lamp, Spokane


More needs to be done on documenting this. I am desperately seeking those who served with Melvin E.
Hardman. I was always told that their unit liberated a death camp, but the Army never acknowledged them,
the camp, the suffering of the liberated or the liberator. Any child of a WWII vet can tell you, they
didn't want to talk about it. Unfortunately, they took powerful firsthand testimony of Hitler's work to
the grave. Outreach to find these vets should be a priority. Someone should get Spielberg's ear and tell
him there is a need here too.

Sue Akins


Good day mate! Well I'm a Jew living in Australia and I just saw your web site
andI think its great to see Jews in the Marines and in the U.S. Army!
Keep up the good work ay!



Great idea. It's about time. Why didn't I know about this sooner?


We're just glad you know about us now. Please continue to spread the word!!


Greetings. I am in support of your site. I think it's important to honor the vets of Jewish descent.
May I suggest that the photos of veterans include some info. along with the photo? Also, I read that the
Jewish soldiers in the 99th and 106th Divisions in the Battle of the Bulge who became P.O.W.'s were
all executed by the German Military. Would it be possible for you to gather the names of these heroes
in order to help make their tragic story remembered? I feel that the Jewish soldiers that fought for the
Allies were the bravest of the brave, going into battle with the very real prospect of being executed if
captured. This should never be forgotten.

P.S. How about a large profile on Maurice Rose? The story of the 3rd Armored Division is truly remarkable.
I believe that General Rose was the highest ranking general to be killed in action in WWII. If you were
to contact the vets of 3rd Armored, you would have a wealth of compliments about the late, great
Maurice Rose.

Thanks, Ed Boswell

Thank you for your kind letter. Our site is constantly being updated, with new information and articles constantly being added. Also, the Memorial section is updated weekly. General Rose appears there, in our World War II section, along with a link to his picture.


As a Jewish retired disabled vet with 24 years in the Army I think it is about time something like your sites were built. I appreciate the hard work you all have done. Now, if only you can get more publicity!

My wife retired from the Army in 1996 with 22 years, she was the first female ROTC grad commissioned from Purdue University.

Good Luck and keep up the sites.

Mike Gelfand
Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for your kind words and, most importantly, for your sacrifices on behalf of our country.,,


Great sites--all three of them devoted to Jewish Sailors, Marines and GIs! Although I am not Jewish (as far as I know), and although I have never served in the armed forces, I am pleased that I had the chance to discover and visit these websites.

A couple of thoughts. How about adding some bibliographies with books and magazine articles so that your visitors who are so inclined could get some ideas for fiction and non-fiction works about soldiers, sailors and Marines? Also, will there be websites devoted to Jewish personnel in the Air Force, and possibly the Coast Guard, as well? Please advise. Once
again, great sites.

Joel Bader

Thanks for your suggestions! We will take your ideas into consideration as we continue to develop our websites. By the way, we are currently working on sites devoted to Jews in the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and other areas of the Armed Forces and the security services. Stay tuned....,,


Thank you for taking the time to put together such a wonderful website dedicated our servicemen! They often do not receive the respect and recognition they deserve. Thank you!

Evan Johnson


I just found your site, and I think it's awesome. I was just wondering if all of its authors are active duty?

Myself, I am active duty Navy stationed in Lemoore California.

Nice talking to you.

GI Jew

Thank you for your kind words. Not all of us are active duty, but we do have some active duty soldiers. As it happens, a significant percentage of our senior staff members are reservists or retired soldiers.

P.S.: Since you are active duty Navy, you may want to check out our newest website, It's a website all about Jews in the U.S. Navy!


We did have some fellows of the Jewish faith in our outfit and to me and the rest of our company they were just another G.I. Buddy serving their country with honour and distinction.

I fully endorse and congratulate you for your efforts in perpetuating the truth in our Nations history and honouring those who made the supreme sacrifice for their country and fellowman.

With Gods speed,

Ken Hollowell

I would like to thank you for putting up a webpage about Jews in the American military. It's good to know that someone is behind us.

Much love,

Shir Lerman


From a Jewish Noncommissioned Officer currently serving on Active-duty in the U.S. Army, I would like to voice my appreciation for your site. I have enclosed a picture of me giving a class on Theatre Mortuary Evacuation Point Operations to members of the Special Operations Support Command and the 75th Ranger Regiment while at Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation 99-06.

54th Quartermaster Company (MA)
Fort Lee, VA


well i think it is a great thing to know that jewish people did go to the army. i am at a frum yeshivah and i also thought that they dont go to the army and know b'h i see that i dont have to be embarrassed when people say to me how come u jews dont join the army? so please try to make your site more public 'cause i think it is very important for the world